Residential customers are getting smarter about home improvements

Residental Hardware and Supplies

Many of our residential customers take the attitude that if it is good enough for the Pros, it is good enough for them! Friendly, knowledgeable, full-time sales people are here waiting to serve you with expert advice, product selection assistance and very competitive pricing. They know what they are talking about. And unlike trips to the “Big Box” stores, they will engage you and answer your questions straight on, helping you at every step of the process. Totem’s retail Chicago lumber and hardware facility has so much more to offer you, from fair pricing through speeding up and simplifying your shopping experience.

You can trust Totem; the Pros do

Professional tradesmen come to Totem for many of the same reasons a homeowner should. The moment you establish contact with a Totem customer service representative, you will be greeted by a friendly, experienced, straight-talking expert who, unlike the “Big Box” stores, can assemble your entire order and even put you it touch with a qualified contractor if you need help. Our staff really understands remodeling and can offer tips, help solve problems, answer questions and get you through the toughest jobs without a hitch. These are people who have done carpentry and electric and plumbing for a living. All of them work on their own homes on their days off, so they know exactly what you’re going through.

Totem has all the Chicago lumber and supplies you need

Most of our regular residential customers know that we get shipments from ACE Hardware twice a week. This means virtually anything you can find among the thousands of products on the ACE Hardware website can be shipped to Totem in just a few days. Plus, they appreciate that a Totem customer service representative will call the moment it comes in and can even arrange for delivery. Totem residential customers come to Totem for everything from barbeque grills to custom mixed paints and so much more. So whether you need two by fours, custom millwork, sheets of plywood to floor the attic in your garage or just a new garbage can, you can find it at Totem.